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Toys R Us Canada clarifies position on Toybox roll-out

Published on: November 23rd, 2018

Following reports that Toys R Us Canada was rebranding as Toybox, the company says it is “here to stay and here to play.”

Now 100% Canadian owned and operated after being acquired by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, Toys R Us Canada has 82 stores from coast to coast across Canada, each stocked with the biggest and best toys year-round.

Toys R Us Canada’s new concept pop-up store at Stone Road Mall in Guelph, Ontario – called Toys R Us Canada Toybox – is a sleeker, 10,000 square-foot store designed to be a curated, thoughtful assortment based around convenience.

In a statement sent to Toy World, the company says: “Personalisation is the future Toys R Us Canada is heading towards. As we look to see the demand for a toy and baby authority in smaller cities across the country, this new concept sees personalised service, more focused content and greater customer interaction. Specifically, the smaller stores are stocked with the most popular toys, lower shelves, demonstration tables where children can try the toys, which are grouped by age-type and category, not manufacturer.”

“Toys R Us Canada is not re-branding or reducing store size of it’s country-wide 82 stores to align with its new store concept,” the statement adds. “Rather, throughout 2019 and beyond, customers will notice the enhancement of store offerings focused on personalised service.”

Toys R Us Canada’s new concept store, if favourably received, will continue to be rolled out in smaller cities across the country, expanding the availability of toys to more Canadian kids and the ‘big kids-at-heart’.

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