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Zuru granted preliminary injunction against infringing fidget cubes in Europe

Published on: September 4th, 2017

Zuru announces that a German court has granted a preliminary injunction for the protection of its best-selling Fidget Cube toy.

The injunction marks an important step in Zuru’s efforts to protect the intellectual property rights of Fidget Cube in Europe. Together with the company’s recent customs seizures, Zuru is sending a clear message to infringers that it will not allow cheap and low-quality knockoffs to corrupt the market.

Fidget Cube is one of the biggest Kickstarter success stories of all time, and Zuru recently secured the exclusive worldwide rights from Antsy Labs to manufacture and distribute the innovative, stress-relieving toy. The product continues to enjoy popularity and high sales in many European countries and around the world.

Zuru aggressively pursues all knock-offs and takes all available measures to ensure that its intellectual property rights are protected. Anna Mowbray, Zuru COO, commented: “Protecting our intellectual property is a top priority for Zuru, and we will not tolerate being undercut by cheap, terrible quality knock-offs.” She added: “Respecting the underlying rights of the creators and inventors is critical to ensure innovation in the toy industry. As a corporate mentality, we strive to work with legitimate patent and IP holders providing a platform for true inventions to make their way into market.”

The preliminary injunction is just the latest step in Zuru’s efforts to remove infringing products from the market. Last month, Zuru announced the seizure of 12 shipments of counterfeit knockoffs of its best-selling Fidget Cube toy. The seizures were the result of Zuru’s successful collaboration with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration to enforce its intellectual property rights and swiftly identify counterfeit goods and prevent them from entering the European Union. The counterfeit goods were seized and destroyed over the last couple of months.

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