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Zuru continues to protect Bunch O Balloons brand

Published on: April 26th, 2017

Company files lawsuit against Telebrands to prevent sales of Easy Einstein Balloons.

ZuruZuru has filed a new lawsuit against one of the largest United States Telemarketing companies, Telebrands, before the United States District Court for The Eastern District of Texas, protecting its internationally award-winning Bunch O Balloons product.

The complaint focused on patent infringement has asked the Court to issue an order restraining Telebrands from continued sales of the product Easy Einstein Balloons, a copy of the Bunch O Balloons product invented and brought to market by Josh Malone and Zuru in 2014. The litigation is brought on the basis that this copy product infringes at least four of the US patents that protect the Bunch O Balloons product. The US retailer Bed Bath and Beyond, who had begun stocking the Easy Einstein product, has also been included into this suit.

Telebrands has been attempting to market competing products to ride on the back of the success of Bunch O Balloons, but Zuru has obtained two previous preliminary injunctions against Telebrands to stop US sales of its Battle Balloons and Balloon Bonanza products, and is confident it will again prevail with Easy Einsteins.

Zuru COO Anna Mowbray commented: “ZURU works diligently to monitor quality and bring innovation to market. When a knock-off company like Telebrands constantly tries to undercut inventors and bring to market lesser quality goods clearly in breach of IP, we will fight vigorously. I am confident we will continue to prevail with the US legal system.”

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