Wow! Stuff’s Invisibility Cloak shows up on Walmart toy list

Published on: 29th August 2019

Kids taking part in the Walmart’s Top Rated Toy List chose the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak as a firm favourite. 

Walmart’s Top Rated by Kids Toy List event puts kids as the experts in testing hundreds of games, dolls and gadgets. This year’s announcement included more toys than ever and put toy innovation company Wow! Stuff firmly in the spotlight of American retailing when the kids chose the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak for the list alongside 48 other toys and gadgets.

Richard North, CEO of Wow! Stuff said: “This is about putting kids at the very heart of deciding what toys they really want, what they really love. I’m delighted that the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak came out as a winner. Innovation, great licensed brands and demonstrable toys work. Just let the kids decide ahead of the usual toy marketing thrown at them and you will see what they really like. This is judged by kids for kids and Walmart is leading the way here. Also, great to see those kids from all backgrounds, genders, abilities and demographics at the event along with their families – to see their jaws absolutely dropping when they saw our Mystery Golden Snitch being demonstrated (see video below) was a joy to behold. Wow! Stuff is headquartered in Great Britain but we have only ever seen ourselves as an international business and this proves that a small UK toy company can compete with the world’s largest toy companies on their home soil and have a fair playing field.”

Richard North won HSBC’s inaugural ‘Business Thinker’ of the Year in 2010 for his global industry stance and expansion of Wow! Stuff to international markets.


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