Zuru seizes shipments of Fidget Cubes in the Netherlands

Published on: 10th July 2017

Zuru has seized 12 shipments of counterfeit copies of its best-selling Fidget Cube toy.

The seizures are the result of Zuru’s collaboration with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration to enforce its intellectual property rights and identify counterfeit goods to prevent them from entering the European Union. The counterfeit goods were seized and destroyed over the last six weeks.

Zuru recently secured the exclusive worldwide rights from Antsy Labs to manufacture and distribute Fidget Cube. The product continues to enjoy popularity and high sales in many European countries and around the world.

Zuru pursues all copied products and takes all available measures to ensure that its intellectual property rights are protected.

Anna Mowbray, Zuru COO, commented: “It is critical for us is to protect the Antsy Labs invention and concept by ensuring they are not undercut by poor quality copies. Seizing goods at the border provides an effective way to enforce our rights and make sure that low-grade copies do not make their way into the hands of disappointed consumers.

“As a corporate mentality, we strive to work with legitimate patent and IP holders providing a platform for true inventions to make their way into market and to be respected. Customs enforcement is one of many strategies we employ as a part of our worldwide strike against counterfeiters.”


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