International Marketing Manager

Innovation First Innovation First is a leader in educational and competitive robotics products and a leading developer of consumer robotic toys. Incorporated in 1996 the company is a privately held corporation that was founded on the belief that innovation is necessary very early in the design process in order to produce simple and elegant designs. Headquartered in the US, with offices in Canada, China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and the UK. The company is looking for an international marketing manager to be based at the Warrington office, working on the Hexbug, Vex Robotics and RackSolutions brands.

Brand Partnerships Manager

Fanbytes Fanbytes is an influencer marketing agency that helps brands like Apple Music, Deliveroo, King, Miniclip and even the UK Government reach Gen Z through influencers on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

Sales Agent

Yvolve Sports Yvolve Sports, an Irish company founded in 2013, specialises in wheeled toys for kids and is most well-known for its Y Fliker Scooters. Many multi award-winning products stand out in Yvolve Sports' portfolio which includes three brands: Yvolution – premium wheeled toys and strollers for toddlers and pre-teens; Neon - light up wheeled toys and electric scooters for tweens and teens; and My Buddy Wheels –  balance bikes with a cuddly companion for toddlers.

Sales Agents

Headu Headu is an innovative project that aims to develop a child's multiple intelligences. During the learning process and while building skills, children use their brains in different ways, as if drawing on different sets of "intellectual resources".