Amazon Training Workshop – creating a winning Amazon mindset

Published on: 24th January 2022

There is no magic bullet when dealing with Amazon, but Etopia and 496 Partnership believe knowing the secrets of seasoned experts could help develop an Amazon Mindset.

Etopia Consultancy, together with 496 Partnership, will be hosting an interactive workshop, exploring the fundamental tenets of the ever-evolving beast called Amazon and revealing how to adopt an Amazon Mindset.

Up to three people from cross-functional teams are invited for an Amazon training day. This training is for everyone who wants to be successful in engaging with and doing business on Amazon.

Participants will leave with a practical plan detailing how to move their business forward. Training will cover beginner to intermediate, as well as advanced level aspects of Amazon. Therefore, no prior knowledge of Amazon is required.

For more information, contact Asha Bhalsod on, or Vance Withers on

Etopia Consultancy was founded by Asha Bhalsod in 2019. Asha has 13 years of Amazon experience, including four years working at Amazon and a further 6 years managing the Amazon/eCommerce businesses at Tomy UK and Melissa & Doug. Passionate, dedicated and able to simplify the Amazon language, Asha can unlock the potential and set any business on the path to ongoing success. She has experience across multiple categories such as Toys, Groceries, Electronics, Apparel and Sporting Goods. She has global eCommerce, cross-platform and marketplace expertise, with a strong obsession for attention to detail. Having previously worked within Amazon, Asha is a strong negotiator, always delivering the best return on investment.

Vance Withers is a successful commercial leader with over 40 years of international sales and management experience. He has a passion for developing people and a knack for achieving outstanding business results. Vance worked for 11 years as a management consultant and coach before honing his skills in an international commercial leadership role in 2010. In 2017, he founded 496 Partnership which allowed him to get back to his passion for helping individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential. Vance has practical, hands-on experience in dealing with Amazon. He understands the importance of having an Amazon Mindset from Day 1 and consequently driving the Amazon business in all markets with a consolidated Amazon plan through Sales/Brand/Logistics.

Vance is the author of three books: Cooking for Business – the essential ingredients to achieve sustainable success; What Does Success Look Like?’ – turning your dream in workable action plans and Eight Steps to Effective Virtual Working – maintaining motivation and control whilst working remotely.


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