Fans flock to see Tamagotchi go 3D in latest brand campaign

Published on: 18th October 2023

The innovative 3D billboard campaign, which brings Tamagotchi Uni to life like never before, is also offering fans the chance to win their very own new virtual pet.

Fans of the virtual pet brand and a new generation of virtual pet owners are being treated to a taste of 3D Tamagotchis thanks to Bandai UK’s ongoing marketing drive for its new Tamagotchi Uni, via an Out-Of-Home targeted hologram campaign. The toy, which sparked a worldwide virtual pet frenzy in the 90s, launched its new Uni device this summer, taking its brand-transcending, nurturing virtual pet experience to a whole new level reflecting the modern digital world.

Creating a truly unique Tamagotchi experience at Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherd’s Bush, from 17th-19th October, shoppers and die-hard Tama fans are being taken into the Tamaverse via a 5mx5m 3D branded holographic billboard bringing Uni to life. An installation also took place at King’s Cross Station earlier this month, kickstarting the campaign by creating a stir amongst visitors and travellers.

News of the 3D billboard event was well-received by Tamagotchi fans following the @TamagotchiUK Instagram channel, with some even commenting they would be looking to change plans and book train tickets in order to not miss out.

Bandai is keen to reward its loyal Tamagotchi ‘parents’, some of whom have been nurturing virtual pets since the 90s. Anyone who took a selfie or filmed a reel of the billboard and posted it to Instagram, with the hashtag #3DTamagotchi, was in with a chance of winning their own Tamagotchi Uni. Commenting on the hologram, one fan said it “literally caught everyone’s attention”. Another added: “Just look how fantastic this is”.

Teaming up with Disturbed Media Group to create an on-the-ground immersive experience using 4K Ultra-HD 3D technology, Bandai UK’s campaign leverages 3D hologram and projection technologies to create Tamagotchi characters that appear to be real and completely afloat in a free space.

“The Tamagotchi Uni brings a completely new experience to the Tamagotchi brand and the electronic toys category”, says Priya Jadeja, Bandai UK. “The hologram campaign perfectly captures this fresh approach by creating a unique, exciting immersive encounter at ground level to directly target consumers in high footfall areas.”

Tamagotchi Uni comes with all new features, including unique activities for users and their characters, and an in-device social platform for players to connect via the Tamaverse, the metaverse of the Tamagotchi world. Fans can now play together with the Tamaverse’s Tama Arena, Tama Parties, Tama Fashion and Tama Travel features, opening up the fun to a global scale. Further personalising the virtual pet experience, Tamagotchi Uni provides endless character options so Tamagotchi characters can have different looks, personalities, and even hobbies. The ability to connect to Wi-Fi gives fans a chance to connect, customise their characters in unique ways, and access downloadable content and updates. The inclusion of a wristband transforms the device into a wearable accessory and further extends the on-the-go play and interaction opportunities.

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