Generation Media transitions to Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)

Published on: 20th November 2023

The transition to an EOT scheme grants employees a number of new benefits and reflects the ‘people first’ ethos Generation Media has championed since the start.

Lisa Morgan and Dean Weller

One of the global leading independent media specialists for children, young people and gamers, Generation Media, has announced its induction into an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) scheme.

Its new EOT status is a significant milestone in the evolution of Generation Media and a decision taken by CEO and founder, Dean Weller, who has moved over 50% of his shares into the Trust, Generation Media Enterprise Trustees LTD (GME Trustees Limited). The new scheme is rooted in the agency’s core philosophy that the team are not just stakeholders but the ‘heart and soul’ of the organisation.

Dean commented: “We have always been a ‘people first’ company since the launch of Generation Media in 2008, and we’re determined to carry this mission into our future. In the new scheme, our team members will play an even more influential role in shaping the way our business operates and I am dedicated to ensuring that every single employee feels not just involved, but truly a part of our journey. Without them, the company wouldn’t be where it is today, and their hard work and loyalty deserves to be recognised.”

Key benefits of the EOT scheme for Generation Media include:

  • Advancement of company global offering: allows expansion into new markets, spaces and territories.
  • Stability and continuity: the EOT scheme ensures that the existing management structure remains intact, providing a seamless transition and strong succession plan for senior management.
  • Rewards for dedication: the adoption of EOT recognises the hard work, service, and loyalty of the company employees, offering them a tangible stake in the company’s future and tax-free annual bonuses.
  • Empowerment and engagement: employees will have a direct say in shaping the company’s strategic direction.

All team members will participate in the EOT scheme, becoming ‘co-owners’ who will share in the company’s success. The Trust Board will be formed from across the organisation and board members will become trustees. These trustees will act on behalf of team member employees, representing their views, and will assist senior management in making decisions based upon the best interests of clients, teams and the best interests of the company.

This strategic development follows on from the company’s recent growth, with the launch of the German offer, Generation Media GMBH in 2021, after Dean Weller and his team, led by Lisa Morgan, managing director of Generation Media, recognised a real appetite for Generation Media’s services across the European markets.

Lisa added: “This ownership transformation signifies an important chapter in our company’s evolution and advancement of our offering. Our team is fully focused on building on our successes from the last 15 years through expansion into new markets, services and territories and continuing to ensure we are meeting the growing needs of our clients and prospects.”


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