Lego launches Green Noise playlist alongside Insect Collection

Published on: 16th August 2023

The Lego Group has unveiled the Lego Ideas The Insect Collection with a Green Noise ASMR playlist to enhance the build experience.

The Lego Ideas Insect collection was originally conceived by Lego fan José María Pérez Suero (@hackiroku24). To celebrate the launch, the Lego Group has created Green Noise, a new nature-inspired ASMR playlist with Lego clicks and sounds reimagined as the unique sounds of each insect, using Foley techniques.

Created in partnership with award-winning and Emmy-nominated Foley artist, Sanaa Kelley, an expert in creating sound effects out of everyday items, Sanaa has recreated each insect’s own unique sounds in nature using the iconic Lego brick. Showcasing their beauty and shining a new light on insects around the world, the playlist is inspired by the three extraordinary insects from the new set: the Blue Morpho Butterfly, the Hercules Beetle and the Chinese Mantis. Each track is up to 45 minutes long and created entirely from the flutters, clicks and snaps of Lego bricks and packaging from the new set, alongside a variety of Foley techniques.

The playlist is designed to help listeners find a moment of zen in their day, making it the perfect audio accompaniment for Lego building.

The new Lego Ideas The Insect Collection – the 50th product from the fan-sourced platform – includes each insect on a separate display based on aspects from their natural habitat. The Blue Morpho butterfly sits on a branch in the South American Amazon Rainforest, next to a buildable flower with a honeybee hovering over it. The male Hercules beetle sits atop a decaying log, with wings that can be removed and a shell which closes to allow two display options. Perched on a thin branch from an Asian forest, a Chinese Mantis prays on a small seven-spotted ladybug hiding amongst brick flowers.

Taking fans on a journey behind the scenes, a new Lego film captured at Sanaa’s California-based studios, Reel Foley Sound, shows how the Green Noise playlist was brought to life with the sounds of the Lego bricks.

The Lego Green Noise playlist can be streamed via

The Lego Ideas The Insects Collection will be available globally from 4th September 2023 at an RRRP of £69.99.


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