Petit Collage – an eco-conscious brand determined to do better

Published on: 8th February 2024

Petit Collage, which is distributed by Abrams & Chronicle, is driving its eco focus even further as it prioritises recycled materials and helps consumers make informed decisions.

“As an eco-brand, we are driven to continuously improve material choices, production processes and packing methods to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible,” said Jo O’Donoghue, head of brand for Petit Collage. “Of course, producing new toys and games is not eco-friendly in itself, but we can be eco-conscious.”

At Petit Collage, product development prioritises the use of ‘good’ materials. Part of that push for improvement is a strong focus on using closed loop materials wherever possible, such as recycled PET, recycled PP and recycled board, as well as more recycled wood.

Jo has focused on removing hidden plastics from Petit Collage products, both on and off shelf. The lamination material used to coat boxes has changed to a non-plastic based solution, polybags and shrink wrap have been removed and replaced with paper alternatives and virgin plastic has been eliminated from products, packaging and in-transit. “We’ve made great improvements, but we still have plenty we want to change and achieve,” explained Jo. “We know that being eco-conscious is a journey, and we’re always learning and applying best practices in the ever-changing world of production.”

Beyond the products, Petit Collage is committed to clear and honest communication with customers and consumers. “We’re acutely aware of greenwashing and are dedicated to avoiding it,” said Jo. “We want it to be as easy as possible for our customers to make informed choices, so we have had a serious look at our messaging to ensure we are being transparent. To this end, we have changed the way we communicate eco benefits on packaging to make it simple for everyone to see what materials have been used and where.”

Petit Collage has also created a team of eco-ambassadors, known as Planet Pals, who will make sense of the small print for customers. The animal characters will answer questions, explain industry jargon and educate on all-things eco. “We want kids to feel empowered through play and not scaremongering, so we already have a range of games to help children understand things like recycling, eco-systems and biodiversity,” added Jo. “And through Planet Pals, we can do more for the people who purchase and play with Petit Collage products by answering questions and explaining industry jargon in more detail via our website and social media.”

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