Professor Puzzle’s new Outer Space game blasts off

Published on: 27th September 2023

Outer Space is a stunningly-designed strategy card game from Professor Puzzle that creates new galaxies every time it’s played. 

One of several exciting games released by Professor Puzzle this year, Outer Space combines tactical card placement with beautiful, cosmic designs to create a truly unique gaming experience.

Starting at the centre, players take turns placing their galaxy cards as they attempt to develop an expanding universe. The galaxy cards feature five intergalactic elements and can be placed adjacent to (or overlapping) the quadrants of other galaxy cards in order to create the combinations that score the most points. Points are scored by creating giant constellations, linking connections between stars and stacking black holes to create supermassive black holes. As the galaxy grows, players have more opportunities to place their cards in strategic combinations and reach an astronomical score.

A customisable scoring mechanic lets players select three of the five possible objective cards to personalise their experience – and then decide which combinations of cards will score the most points. The objective cards are selected at the start of the game and will influence the way each players’ galaxy evolves. Players can opt for a more advanced mode using the Nebulas and Meteors scoring cards, allowing points to be scored for the number of quadrants that connect to create an active nebula, or for the number of nebula quadrants a meteor passes through.

Simple and beautiful, this thematic card game allows for countless gaming possibilities, meaning no two galaxies are ever the same. With plenty of table presence and the longevity to be enjoyed time and time again, Outer Space is a competitive yet calming experience, making it the perfect strategy game for new and experienced players alike. The game is best enjoyed in groups of 2-5 players.


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