Tomy secures new partnership with Identity Games

Published on: 3rd October 2023

Global toy manufacturer Tomy has secured a new games distribution deal, winning the rights to Identity Games’ Medical Mysteries and Battle Royale: Last One Standing.

Identity Games

The co-operative Medical Mysteries games sees players try to diagnose, treat and save four different patients, each one with a medical malady of varying complexity

Tomy has signed a partnership with Identity Games, creator of the award-winning Escape Room The Game.

The deal will include exclusive rights to sell the latest releases from the Rotterdam-based designers including Medical Mysteries and Battle Royale: Last One Standing, both due for launch in early 2024.

Medical Mysteries is a cooperative, story-driven game based on the multi-billion dollar TV show trend that includes the popular medical dramas Grey’s Anatomy and ER. This thrilling, experience-based game puts players in control with a ‘choose your own adventure’ format supplying near-endless scenarios and outcomes. Players must cooperate to save four patients, each with a different set of symptoms, by working together to research, diagnose and treat. But time points are limited: one wrong move and a patient might not survive the night. Medical Mysteries has been developed and tested with the help of real medical specialists. Tomy hopes the game will appeal to millennials, the primary audience of medical dramas, as well as students and families with older children.

Battle Royale: Last One Standing is a light strategic board game that taps into the high-stakes game-show genre popularised by recent media including Squid Game and The Hunger Games. Suitable for up to four players, the game is a race to be the last one standing. Players fight for possession of units, armed with cards that enable strategic moves and push enemy units off the board. A roll of the ‘Doom Dice’ adds an element of unpredictability, triggering random events and challenges. As the board shrinks through the conflict of the game, players battle to capture the safe central tile and win the game.

Battle Royale: Last One Standing offers the perfect balance between strategy, humour and pure chaos, with unique game elements that make it the ideal introduction to the strategic battle game genre. The game taps into the highly lucrative teen and preteen video gaming audience behind the explosive popularity of Fortnite, continuing the fun offline.

Mary Wood, Managing director at Tomy said: “Tomy is delighted to have acquired the distribution rights to Battle Royale: Last One Standing, and Medical Mysteries. The Identity Games team is behind some of the industry’s most successful recent releases, and we are confident that these new offerings will follow that trend. The partnership opens the door for Tomy to build strength in the strategic games category, and the two innovative and intriguing new offerings are sure to capture the attention of our customers. We will be investing to support both games with digital, social media and influencer campaigns, in addition to sampling at consumer events where we know our target consumers are discovering new games.”


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