Asmodee announces launch of two new games

Published on: 3rd November 2022

Asmodee is excited to announce the launch of strategy game Catan – Dawn of Humankind and party board game Bunny Hops!, based on the popular app.

Catan – Dawn of Humankind, is a game of discovery, settlement and trade set on the mythical island and cultural phenomenon of Catan.

The vibrant reboot strategy game is based on Catan, which was first released 20 years ago, and has been designed to appeal to fans new and old. Catan – Dawn of Humankind sends players back to the prehistoric era for a standalone adventure charting the worldwide migration and development of the first humans. Players roll the dice to determine which resources are generated each round and then strategically trade with other players in order to expand their holdings.

James Arnold, head of marketing, Asmodee said: “We’re really excited about the launch of Catan – Dawn of Humankind; we just know Catan fans have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. We can guarantee that history buffs will love experiencing the story of humanity’s expansion throughout the world whilst strategizing to come out on top. With 363 individual pieces, including hand-painted terrain tiles and antiqued player figures, the ‘cooperatively competitive’ world of Catan is more immersive than ever before.”

The game is suitable for age 12+, designed by Catan creator Klaus Teuber and his son Benjamin, and introduces new mechanics and strategies set in the Pleistocene epoch. The basics can be learned in just minutes, but the game offers enough depth to remain compelling as players explore strategies and tactics for years to come.

Bunny Hops! is the number one downloaded app on the App and Play store with over two million downloads and three million people playing in France. It is now available in the UK as a board game, and players can use the App to enhance the game play.

Bunny Hops! can be played to liven up any party or can be used at work to add fun or use as an ice breaker. Asmodee says it is the perfect game to shake things up before a night out or for the next family and friends games night. Players place a card on their forehead and try to guess the word, celebrity or song which is on there, with team mates helping to describe, mime or sing clues. With nine themes, from Britannia and celebrities to sports and music, and with extra challenge cards, no round is the same.

The game is suitable for ages 10 and up and has no age limit. It can be played with 4 to 16 players and contains an exclusive code that allows players to unlock more themes on the Bunny Hops! app.

James added: “We’re really excited about Bunny Hops! and can’t help but think as the nights draw in that this is the perfect game to guarantee a fun night in with friends and family. We’re also really proud that the game is manufactured in Europe and the cards are printed on paper from sustainably managed forests.”


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