Exclusive: Weirdoh eco-friendly modelling compound seeks partner

Published on: 30th January 2024

Readers are invited to explore the unique features of Weirdoh Modeling Dough Compound and an opportunity for toy companies to redefine their role in the market with eco-friendly credentials.

Shachar Group tells us that, in the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable products, one remarkable development is making waves in the toy industry: Weirdoh Modeling Dough Compound. Going beyond the traditional notion of toys, Weirdoh Compound is not just a product – it’s a sustainable revolution that promises a fun and creative play experience while championing eco-consciousness.

The company says Weirdoh Compound stands as a beacon of sustainable innovation, setting a new standard of eco-friendly modelling compounds. “It all started when we looked at the huge pile of bread we collect on a daily basis and thought to ourselves: ‘How can we turn it into something better?’” recalls Itzik Shachar, co-founder of Shachar Group. “We knew we could not turn it back into flour for human consumption, but maybe, indirectly, we could free the flour from other products. And then it hit us – modelling dough compound! We knew that if we could do it, our product could replace existing modelling doughs and free up millions of tonnes of wheat flour, preventing food waste and hunger. After two years of R&D we have managed to do it, and today the formula and the process are approved patents.”

“We developed the compound with experts from the food tech and the toy industries,” adds Michal Amit Green, chief of Innovation at Shachar Group. “Yet, we are not a toy company, and to make a real difference we need a strong strategic partner who can take our formula and turn it into a global brand, all the way to the final consumer. Our partner needs not only marketing and distribution abilities but, above all, a vision.”

Weirdoh is in no doubt that the partner that will join it on this journey – whether an existing dough company that wants to offer a sustainable new line or a sustainable company that wishes to offer a new line of products – will enjoy strong positioning within the industry as both sustainable and innovative.

Weirdoh can be found at Spielwarenmesse: Hall 3a, stand: D-14A.

For more information email: and to read more, see the full article, which appeared in the February edition of Toy World, here.


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