Hexbug details new products on show at New York Toy Fair

Published on: 21st February 2020

The company will be showcasing a whole host of new products for 2020 at New York Toy Fair. 

Hexbug is showcasing JunkBots, the new, unboxing collectible toy experience, at New York Toy Fair from 22nd – 25th February at booth 2135.

Focus-group tested and kid-approved, JunkBots features 36 collectible characters that come in their own unique trash can packaging. The JunkBots are snapped together using their universal socket system. Each piece of junk comes together to create one-of-a-kind bots that come alive through vibrations, light up energy cores and motion packs.

Hexbug will also showcase the new MoBots at the show. The range of interactive robotic sidekicks allow kids to record their own voice and make it sound like a robot, changing the pitch from high to low. Choose from three versions of MoBots – Mimix, Fetch and Ramblez. Each has different capabilities including voice effects to remote control exploration.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the renowned Hexbug nano, the company is also launching the new Hexbug nano Flash – the fastest nano to date. This little mechanical bug zooms through its colourfully designed environment at twice the speed of other nanos using the power of vibration technology.

Hexbug has also expanded its Micro Robotic Creature line with the launch of Hexbug Dragon. This remote-controlled creature spews ‘flames’ and roars with the on board LED lights and speakers. Its tail slithers from side to side as the Dragon crawls on all four feet.

Vex Robotics Construction Zone inspires play for all, including budding engineers and robotics enthusiasts. With over 830 pieces, realistic movements and three models to choose from, the Vex Robotics Construction Zone is designed to unlock the inner inventor in everyone.

For further information, contact Hexbug on 01925 454 093.


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