Joking Hazard announces acquisition of Lay Waste Games

Published on: 4th January 2024

Joking Hazard has announced the acquisition of Lay Waste Games, as well as its intention to finish fulfilment of any outstanding games and its goals to cultivate the brand moving forward.

Lay WasteIn a statement to supporters of Lay Waste’s Heads Will Roll and Dragoon Might and Magma Kickstarter appeals, Joking Hazard announced the acquisition.

The statement read: “In October, we were approached by Lay Waste Games with an offer to acquire the company. In our discussions, the Lay Waste team made it clear that its top priority during the transition was to take care of its current Kickstarter backers. We are happy to announce that we have now begun the process of getting your games out to you. What’s next for Lay Waste? Moving forward we hope to bring you more classic Lay Waste Games by working with the same designers and artists that you have grown to love.”

The Lay Waste catalogue includes Dragoon and all its expansions, Heads Will Roll, Human Era and Life Siphon.

Dragoon is an action strategy game where players take on the role of dragons attempting to claim and control villages and cities which pay gold tributes to them over the course of gameplay. Players work to populate the map, move and claim areas and acquire and steal gold in a race to fill their hoard before their friends. They must dominate the humans, battle rival dragons and strategize card combinations to win.

Human Era is a social deduction game where players take on the role of humans, machines or cyborgs, as they all compete to either sabotage, save or muddle up space and time. Players take turns placing cards to repair or break different eras in time, all while working towards personal win conditions. They need to create paradoxes and chain reactions to outwit opponents without getting found out.

Life Siphon is a combat strategy game where players must use their own life force to fight each other, and use quick thinking to ensure survival. Each player’s personal goal is to defeat the player to their left, requiring everyone to both attack and defend simultaneously on limited resources. They do so by summoning powerful creatures, strategizing with different abilities and fighting to survive.


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