MGA’s Miniverse announces Bite Size TikTok reality competition series

Published on: 3rd October 2023

The Bite Size reality series offers a grand prize of $10,000 and the opportunity to design an exclusive capsule in an upcoming MGA’s Miniverse collection.

Bite Size

TikTok miniature aficionado Marc Sebastian will be hosting the Bite Size TikTok show

Recognised for its virality across social and prominence in the cultural zeitgeist, MGA Entertainment has announced the premiere of its new MGA’s Miniverse reality competition series exclusively on TikTok.

With new MGA’s Miniverse collections launching this year as part of its iconic Make It Mini Food Diner and Café Editions, Make It Mini Lifestyle and more, the TikTok-born brand offers fans an interactive world of make-it-yourself mini collectibles. The brand has taken over the social sphere, racking up more than 1b views of #Miniverse on TikTok and selling out fast as they hit shelves around the world. MGA currently has patents pending for its MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini lines.

Its latest venture, Bite Size, is a TikTok reality competition series that brings together talented enthusiasts from around the globe to explore the endless possibilities of MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini collections, reaching a core audience of kidults (adults ages 18-34).

The competition consists of 20 bite-sized, snackable episodes of 5-6 minutes each, in which social media creators face off in quick fire challenges and eliminations using core MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini collections. One winner will be left standing, winning $10,000 and the opportunity to design an exclusive capsule in an upcoming MGA’s Miniverse collection. Hosting the show will be TikTok miniature aficionado Marc Sebastian, who will be joined by a rotating panel of celebrities, influencers, and industry professionals as guest judges, such as Jake Shane, Ashley Yi, Ivan McCombs, Kouvr Annon, and more.

For each challenge in the series, Bite Size contestants will have to use a combination of MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini capsules to make their creations within a specific theme. There will be a time limit for the contestants and the guest judges will rank each creation based on certain criteria to name a winner in each episode – and eliminate one competitor.

“The best part about MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini collection is that you don’t need to be an artist or pro: you can just pick up a capsule and start creating,” said Marc Sebastian, social media creator and miniature aficionado. “The idea for Bite Size came from seeing how creative people were getting with the Make It Mini capsules. I just couldn’t believe some of the pieces being made. With this series we get to show off that talent but in the funniest, most chaotic way possible.”

“Bite Size was inspired by the overwhelming positive responses we received at VidCon 2023 when we launched new lines from the MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini brand,” said Isaac Larian, CEO and founder of MGA Entertainment. “At our buzzworthy booth, Marc Sebastian showed off his creativity, encouraging fans to stretch their own imagination and compete in mini challenges. Seeing this, the concept for a mini reality TikTok competition series was born to transcend the toy category and capture the joy of creating and collecting Miniverse minis.”

Utilising the MGA’s Miniverse graphics as seen on TikTok and Instagram, as well as the brand’s top collections and limited-time offerings, the MGA’s Miniverse team has built the ultimate stage on which play will take place, inclusive of imaginative lifestyle, café and diner spaces. The series will feature nine total MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini toy collections – 119 minis in total – across all challenges.

For more information, visit the MGA’s Miniverse website and follow MGA’s Miniverse on Instagram and TikTok.


We’re so pumped to announce MGA’s Miniverse Bite Size! The first of its kind TikTok Reality Competition Series and the original and first-ever make it mini collectible line. Three creators will go head to head competing in the ultimate Miniverse Make It competition but only one will see their name in the Small of Fame. Stay tuned for more clips from the series, and tune in October 18th when the first episode drops exclusively on TikTok. If it’s not Miniverse, it’s not Miniverse! #Miniverse #MiniverseBiteSize #MiniverseRemix

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