My Home Office play set revealed by Fisher-Price

Published on: 18th August 2020

The company is tapping into kids’ love of role-play with its latest offering, which reflects the current working setup of many parents.

My Home OfficeMattel’s president and COO, Richard Dickson, has taken to LinkedIn to unveil Fisher-Price’s newest pre-school offering – the My Home Office play set.

The role-play set comes complete with a laptop, a headset for taking ‘calls’, a smartphone and a coffee cup. Kids can also swap the ‘apps’ on their laptop using innovative fabric pieces.

Fisher-Price is known for its quality role-play range, which allows kids to emulate the behaviour of the adults around them – a core play pattern essential to healthy development. With the pandemic continuing to impact ‘normal’ working patterns across the globe, the My Home Office set, which launches 28th August for $25 RRP, is a reflection of the brand’s commitment to staying abreast of play trends and the social factors that define them.

Richard commented: “We are constantly looking for ways to help create playful connections between kids and their parents and caregivers. As many families continue to work – and play – from home, we recently introduced a #WFH-inspired play set for pre-schoolers, in addition to other new “mini me” and role-play toys. I’ll always be a fan of the classic coffee cup teether, but I think the baby biceps set may be my new favourite.”

The reaction to the announcement was overwhelmingly positive. Amit Gupta, a marketing specialist at Cognizant, said: “This is what happens when you understand your customers and whats happening in their lives. It’s contextual, personalised, a life-saver for parents and most importantly, a medium for children to express & replicate what they feel their parents are doing with their headsets on… #lovethis.”


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