The Sidemen co-create new card game Hit Send

Published on: 28th November 2023

The Sidemen have announced that brand new card game Hit Send will be available from the 28th November.

Hit SendHit Send, the high risk game of text roulette, is a new card game co-created by the Sidemen. With a combined following of 240m fans, the Sidemen are made up of JJ (KSI), Harry (Wroetoshaw), Simon (Miniminter), Vik (Vikkstar123), Josh (Zerkaa), Ethan Payne (Behzinga) and Tobi Brown (TBJZL). Supporters tune in daily to watch them play games on their YouTube channels Sidemen and MoreSidemen, which rake in tens of millions of views per week. With Hit Send marking the Sidemen’s first venture into the games industry, Harry (W2S) announced: “We’ve played hundreds of games, it’s about time we made our own”.

The company behind Hit Send, Hot House Games, was co-founded by the Sidemen to develop ‘outrageously fun and dangerously social games for a gen-Z audience’. Hot House’s first release, Hit Send, is available to buy in limited numbers from the 28th November at

Hit Send asks players: “How far would you go to win a card game?” When playing Hit Send, too far is the answer. The game rewards risk, asking players to send twistedly funny messages to random contacts on their phone, and was originally inspired by Karen North, whose house burnt down in 2014.

When Karen messaged her friends to say that her home was destroyed, the replies she received were not what she was expecting. Everybody thought she was joking. This sparked an idea, which her son and daughter subsequently developed into a game.

Players win points by sending awkward messages picked by their friends to create ridiculously fun drama. Texts range from a cute “I love you” to “Think my mom is having an affair with your dad” and the outrageous “Just got with my cousin, is that legal?”. Recipients are chosen by a random contact generator, which could come up with their mum, their ex, or their boss. Players can still win without even sending messages by playing the right text, if their opponent backs out.

Hit Send was presented to the Sidemen in 2023. They loved the idea and embraced the message mayhem, proclaiming it to be one of the best games they’d ever played. With games at the epicentre of Sidemen content, the boys felt that it was the perfect risk to take. Wanting to get more involved, the Sidemen put their own spin on the game, twisting the rules and writing their own set of messages.

When filming the first episode of Hit Send, some wild scenes occurred. To see what happened, visit the MoreSidemen YouTube channel at 8pm this evening.

Co-founder Harry North of Hot House Games commented: “We got tired of playing games designed for a different generation. We wanted to create something that resonates with a fresh audience and the culture surrounding them. At any pre’s or house party, Hit Send will cause a social storm.”

Hit Send is distributed in the UK by Golden Bear Toys. Contact


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