Slida Global introduces Slida puzzles in Nuremberg

Published on: 17th January 2023

Slida Global will be at Spielwarenmesse to showcase its puzzles and discuss global distribution partnerships to take Slida to the next level.

Slida Global is launching new Slida 3D puzzles shapes, The Interlock Game and a world first puzzle, Snap ’N’ Wrap, where the player decides the level of difficulty.

Slida is the world’s first three-dimensional, sequential interlocking puzzle, winning the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva and voted one of 2017’s Top Toys for Christmas by the editor of Toy & Hobby Retailer magazine in Australia. Slida requires the puzzler to use observation, analysis and problem solving to assemble the sensory and tactile object. Solving the puzzle builds sequential processing skills and nurtures creativity and soft-skills such as self-motivation, critical thinking and persistence. Proving to yourself that you can complete this puzzle is excitingly satisfying.

Invented and designed in Australia by Gianni Lavermicocca, the puzzle was a challenge to bring to life. “While the design appears simple the technology and precision that went into its creation was phenomenal,” commented Craig Andrews, director of Design Momentum.

Slida requires dexterity, problem solving and creativity, all in one puzzle. Players must push, slide, snap, wrap and stick to bring the solution together. Once puzzlers have mastered the puzzle, it’s a game of speed to see who can complete it first.

The Slida classic now comes with an interlocking addition that allows puzzlers of all ages to add another layer of interest and complexity to their game. Adding a Snap ‘N’ Wrap outer shell extends the player’s engagement, providing them with the opportunity to ‘think outside the sphere’ – which changes the challenge; it can be varied by placing the stickers on the puzzle pieces either before or after completing the puzzle.

Since its original release, Slida has partnered with Marc Benjamin and team to form Slida Global. This partnership has brought new investment, motivation and direction allowing Slida to significantly grow its product range. Slida Global has brought an additional six new puzzles and The Interlock Game to life, to captivate and challenge puzzlers all over the globe.

A new, exciting, and fun game of strategy, The Interlock Game takes its name from the patented interlocking feature of the Slida 3D puzzle. It provides a unique opportunity to think strategically, sabotage and outsmart competitors while racing to finish the 3D shape. The Scorecard reveals if the game has been played strategically, bringing focus, challenge, interest and a spirit of competition. The Interlock Game is unique in that it occupies play in both 2 and 3 dimensional space.

“As the Slida Global team evolves, so will Slida, taking on new forms with creativity its only limit,” said the Slida Global team. The company is looking to work with proactive distributors to take Slida to the next level globally.

Buyers and potential distributors are invited to visit Slida Global at Spielwarenmesse, in Hall 10 Booth C22. Visitors will be able to try their hand (and mind) at solving one of the puzzles. If they take the Slida Challenge and beat the current time, the puzzle will be theirs to take away.

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