IMC Toys’ VIP Pets TikTok campaign goes viral

Published on: 8th October 2020

The campaign has delivered 10x the estimated views, massing nearly 6m since launching. 

IMC Toys says its first TikTok campaign has gone viral, smashing all projected targets. The influencer campaign, which was implemented this month to raise awareness of the company’s new VIP Pets range, delivered 10x the estimated views, amassing over 5.7m. This was in addition to double the amount of click-throughs and 6x more engagement in comparison with similar campaigns.

Working in partnership, Playtime PR and Fanbytes devised and implemented a campaign native to the brand’s USPs while remaining authentic to each individual content creator. Using unique audience insights from Fanbytes’ influencer platform, a mix of Gen Z and parenting TikTokers were selected for the campaign. This allowed content to reach a wide audience, building both pester power and gatekeeper awareness.

The campaign saw influencers setting up a home salon to style their VIP Pet Doll’s hair. Hair styling transformations were a popular TikTok trend at the time of the campaign launch, with over 1.8b views across the hashtag. The creative ensured that content demonstrated the product’s features and accessories, whilst still leaving space for each influencer to adapt the creative in a way that  blended organically into their page. Adaptations included ASMR hair stylings, reality TV style sketches set in a hair salon, and hair styling competitions. The creative also linked to the hair salon featured in episodes on IMC’s official YouTube Channel, Kitoons, allowing influencers to integrate a relevant call to action to drive traffic to YouTube.

“We’re ecstatic with the results”, said Sue Barratt, IMC UK country manager.  “This is the first campaign on the platform for the UK business and we’ve been blown away with how it performed. The engagement rate has been well above the industry average and we’ve seen content from the creators that has been so organic that they’ve gone on to post further videos with the product.”

Fanbytes account manager Annalie Coia said: “We’re delighted with the campaign’s viral views and engagements. The results are a credit to the brand, influencer selection and creative adaptation. The buzz around the toy community on TikTok is growing every day – it really is an essential platform for brands to be present on right now.”

Timothy Armoo, Fanbytes CEO added: “It’s always exciting to work with a brand that is not prepared to stick to the status quo, and IMC has shown that in spades. The versatility of the content has been great, and that has led to some industry-shattering results in terms of traffic and clicks to site.”

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