Big Potato launches Weird Things Humans Search For

Published on: 19th June 2018

The brand new party game is about some of the strangest searches on the internet.

In Weird Things Humans Search For, the aim of the game is to predict the most popular endings to internet search engine questions. From memes to dinosaurs, pet frogs to sumo wrestlers, everyone’s bound to bring something to the table, no matter who they are.

To begin, one person is appointed as question master and everyone else splits up into teams. The question master then selects a card and reads out the first half of an internet search question. For example: “Is it embarrassing to…”. Teams get one minute to discuss and guess what the most popular endings are. They write down two possible answers: one is a main guess and the other is a bonus guess.

When all teams have written down their guesses, the question master reveals the list of correct endings from the card. The higher the player’s answer was on the list, the more points they’ll score for their team. Each team tallies up their points and then it’s on to the next round with a brand new search. The team with the most points after five rounds, wins.

Big Potato founder, Dean Tempest, commented: “It all started with an idea for a game called Clear Search History. We loved the name and spent a while trying to create a party game about covering up all the weirdest parts of your search history. But then we had another idea: why cover it up when there’s so many hilarious searches out there? And so Weird Things Humans Search For was born – a game about uncovering all the weirdest searches on the web and celebrating just how strange the human race can be.”

With a recommended age of 14+, Weird Things is a perfect game for families with older children, and groups of friends.


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