Charity Toy Trust World Cup Predictions Game kicks off

Published on: 29th May 2018

Golden Bear’s Barry Hughes is organising the toy industry tournament, with half of the takings going to the Toy Trust.

Football fans from the toy industry, as well as their friends and family, can sign up for the fun online tournament by clicking here. The mini league code required to join is 647995.

The scoring system explained
• Players get 3 points for predicting an exact score
• They get 1 point for predicting the correct result (ie. correctly predicting the winner, or correctly predicting a draw, but by the wrong number of goals).
• There is a 2 point bonus for predicting the correct result, if that result was predicted by less than 20% of a player’s competitors.
• There is 2 point bonus for predicting the exact score if that score was predicted by less than 5% of a player’s competitors. If two people are level on points their position in the table will be determined by goal difference.
• For each incorrect number of goals predicted per team, players lose the difference in goals. E.g. predict 3 and the team scores 2, player gets -1 goals.
• For each correct number goals predicted per team, players receive a positive goal difference based on the following scale:
– Predict 0 or 1 goals and the team scores 0 or 1, player receives +1 goal difference.
– Predict 2 goals or more and the team scores that number, player receives double the number of goals predicted, ie. predict 3 and the team scores 3, the player gets +6 goal difference.

Payments are to be made by bank transfer. Please contact Barry for bank details – or 07899 902443. Only those that have paid their £5 before tournament starts will be eligible, with 50% going to the winner and 50% to the Toy Trust.

Alternatively, people can give Barry cash at this week’s Distoy event.


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