Cheatwell unveils raft of new games for 2023

Published on: 31st March 2023

Cheatwell has detailed its new games launching this year, from the hilarious Best to Wurst and brain-teasing Wordio to fresh quiz offerings and the ‘reanimation rat race’ Cadaver.

Following last year’s successful launch of sub-£20 games such as Brain Ache and Top Trivia Ultimate, Cheatwell has decided to increase the breadth of its range within this price bracket for 2023. New lines consist of travel game versions of the company’s popular Family Charades and Family Quiz Night, a new range of Mini Pub Quizzes and Quiz Cubes, and several new card games. Cheatwell’s new Games for Gifts series, which enjoyed a great response at Toy Fair, expands this new and impressive category.

Best to Wurst is the game in which the answers to the silly questions don’t really matter, it’s the laughs players get that count. While the best answer wins, the twist sees even the worst answers rewarded. This game is a laugh a minute as players marvel at the weird way their friends’ minds work.

Code Breakers contains a series of cunning ciphers, the meaning of which is a mystery. It’s up to the players to crack the codes and reveal the mystery phrases. Although challenging, help is at hand; each card has a category that points players in the right direction as they attempt to determine what the mystery letters stand for.

Aha! is a secret word guessing game packed full of fun. One by one, clues to the mystery word are revealed. Then it’s a race to discover the answer. The fewer clues players need, the more they score. Clever, cryptic clues keep players guessing until they finally reach that ‘Aha!’ moment.

In The Numbers Game, it’s the fastest to the figures that wins the round, with the closest player claiming the counter. Each player has 10 digits. When the question is read out, they race to nab the number that forms the answer. Players are always in with a chance of winning in this rapid game of number naming.

Wordio is a classic word-sleuthing game which promises to have players scratching their heads and nodding knowingly in equal measure. Each takes three cards and makes up a mystery word, and it’s up to their opponents to guess what it is. It’s not as easy as it sounds: as each letter is guessed, the player simply tells them ‘Right letter, right place’, ‘Right letter, wrong place’ or ‘Not in the word at all’. By noting down the answers, players will finally discover what the word is – or maybe they won’t.

Wild Guess is a game of fantastic facts and fascinating figures in which guessing the closest to a given answer on the card scores points. Whether working out a ballpark figure, following a hunch or just taking a stab in the dark, players will be amazed at the unbelievable madness of the world we live in.

Steve Asbey, UK sales manager at Cheatwell Games, told Toy World why Wild Guess is his top pick for this year: “When we presented our new games at London Toy Fair this year, we were really excited about the feedback and reaction to Wild Guess in particular. It’s an easy game to set up and play, and whilst it’s hilarious listening to some of the answers, it’s also a little nerve racking to play as you don’t want to look like a complete chump.”

Relaunched this year in eye-catching new packaging, Host Your Own Pub Quiz is joined by four pint-sized local editions. Each game comes jam-packed with questions on a raft of favourite topics and every game is different, encouraging consumers to try them all. Cheatwell’s popular Quiz Cubes have also been relaunched for 2023 with new packaging and improved content. Each Cube contains 500 questions on a variety of subjects and are ideal as travel or gift lines.

Finally, Cadaver is a game for aspiring necromancers and is perfect for avid hobby gamers. Players compete to resurrect as many corpses as possible before the break of dawn. With different dead bodies requiring alternative assets and accomplices, this title is a veritable reanimation rat race.

You can see the full Cheatwell range on the website here. and contact the sales team on 02392 524 098 or



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