Exclusive – A sleeping giant returns

Published on: 14th May 2019

How Mind Candy is making bedtime a dream by reimagining Moshi Monsters, using the power of storytelling.

“When Moshi Monsters first launched it was a brand that appealed to both parents and kids,” explains Ian Chambers, Mind Candy CEO. “That was what made Moshi so accessible and enabled us to grow so quickly. For many kids it was the first time they were given access to a digital experience on a computer at home, crafted and designed just for them. Moshi was a place where they could play and explore with friends, a rich world filled with incredible characters and experiences. For parents, letting the kids play Moshi for an hour gave them precious time to focus on the things that made them happy. It was a win-win.”

Before the idea of screen time was even considered by parents, this win-win was a fundamental selling point for the Moshi Monsters on-line game. Nowadays, parents approach screens with more caution and concern, carefully weighing up the benefits and risks of letting their children sit with digital devices.

Ian and the team set out to answer the question of how to achieve another win-win for this more tech savvy and cautious generation of parents and their kids. They didn’t find the answer in traditional play during a child’s day, but at bedtime.

“Sleep is something we all need,” says Chambers. “We are only just now waking up to the emerging evidence that good quality sleep is the cornerstone of physical and mental health, and probably the single most important lifestyle choice we can make. We saw the rapidly growing conversation and focus on sleep, and then reflected on the experiences we’d had during the first eight years of our own kids’ lives and how parents face serious struggles with their own sleep and health when their children cannot sleep. We realised that if we could create a product that kids loved, featuring beloved characters from the world of Moshi, that made bedtime less stressful for parents whilst helping kids get to sleep quicker and easier, that we would have something truly special.”

In December 2017, the Mind Candy team created Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories, an audio app featuring melodic stories, meditations, music and sounds to help children get to sleep.

To read the full company profile, which was published in the May 2019 Licensing World supplement, click here.


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