Exclusive: Etopia Consultancy on Amazon over the last ten years

Published on: 14th September 2021

With detailed knowledge of the last ten years, Asha Bhalsod of Etopia Consultancy reviews the ongoing rise of Amazon in the eCommerce space.

Our ten-year anniversary issue seems the ideal place to look at some of the changes which have taken place at Amazon during Toy World’s lifetime.

Asha looks at how, over the past decade, the evolution of both tech hardware and the internet has taken place hand in hand with the growth of eCommerce. “Just as the internet has become the desired medium for marketing, advertising and purchasing of products, goods and services, eCommerce has grown to rival traditional shopping in many ways,” she writes. “Then, over the past two years, the retail landscape has evolved dramatically, accelerated by Covid-19, which intensified our reliance on digital infrastructure and delivery services.”

Driven by tech giants like Amazon, which joined the space in 1995, and later Google and PayPal which launched their eCommerce initiatives in 1998, the overall journey of online shopping has undoubtedly accelerated in the last decade and is far from finished.

It’s clear that eCommerce is here to stay, bringing a world of new opportunities for businesses, from drone deliveries to voice commerce. “The next 10 years in eCommerce is undoubtedly going to be fascinating,” adds Asha. “But brace yourselves – before we even think that far ahead, we have Q4 coming up and our favourite time of year, trading terms negotiations with Amazon!”

To read the full article, which appeared in the September edition of Toy World, click here.

You can access the Etopia Consultancy website here.


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