Exclusive: Omni Alliance helps toy companies expand into the US market

Published on: 9th December 2020

Omni Alliance offers turnkey solutions to help companies penetrate the United States consumer products market and Toy World spoke to CEO Mark Weiner to find out more.

Mark Wiener, CEO of Omni Alliance

The California-based company believes the current strength of the region means there has never been a better time to grow the global footprint of a toy businesses.

Mark Weiner has been in the toy business since childhood and attended his first toy fair at 10 years old. He told Toy World: “I was lucky to have a father who owned a small chain of toy stores in the greater New York area. I founded Omni Alliance in 2014 because I wanted to use all I had learned since I was a boy; my consumer products background, my successes in the toy business, and my most recent success with our company Streetsurfing. For the first time in my career, with globalisation changing the landscape for consumer product companies, I was seeing how relatively easy it was to expand brands and product lines into other countries with the right approach and partners.”

He went on to explain what Omni offers toy companies as a service provider. “We manage all sales and marketing in the US at a fraction of the cost of setting up an internal sales and marketing division, and we run your company with the same level of commitment as if it were our own.” From strategising brand management, marketing, eCommerce and bricks & mortar sales to social media, PR, inventory management, packaging and product development, Omni Alliance makes it straightforward for companies to expand into the USA, helping expand Amazon and eCommerce sales, getting products into chain stores and then driving sell-through. The company then utilises marketing tools to make sure product sells, creating re-orders and getting the retailer to increase the number of SKUs they are carrying.

Omni’s expertise has already helped clients in the toy business as well as other types of hard goods, and Mark believes that expansion into the US market is a safe bet right now.

“The toy business in the US in 2020 is up over 20%, and Omni’s toy activities are up over 60%,” he told us.” Without question it looks like this trend will continue into next year. We are very focused on bringing European and UK toy companies to the US market.”

Mark concluded: “A partnership with Omni promises a team and a network companies can count on to properly implement and operate a US division. We keep a keen eye on profitability and an exceptional focus on opening chain store accounts, managing all aspects of the sales and marketing process.”

Interested companies can contact Manny Armesto, Omni’s business development specialist, at

To find out more, read the full article, which appeared in the December edition of Toy World here.


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