Exclusive: Two in 1 Direct to bring Cats vs. Pickles to UK

Published on: 3rd February 2021

Paul Fogarty’s latest venture, Two in 1 Direct, is set to bring Cats vs. Pickles plush to the UK market following a strong launch in the US.

Paul Fogarty

Two in 1 Direct has been created to offer an alternative supply model for UK retailers. The company’s direct supply model is based upon a domestic stock proposition, in order to remove risk for retailers and offer a straightforward option for companies looking to enter the UK market.

“I’m providing a menu of services,” explains Paul. “This commences with strategic planning, devising market entry strategies, and agreeing a road map for the development of the business. We then move through to actual implementation, where we can look after all key management functions, sales, marketing, financial and operational.”

Two in 1’s first two signings are Kangaru Toys, which is about to implement a licensing strategy it says will ‘reinvigorate the craft aisle’, and the hotly-tipped new brand Cats vs. Pickles.

Owned by Cepia, the company behind the successful ZhuZhu Pets property, the brand was inspired by the viral social media trend which saw cat owners placing a cucumber (or pickle) near their feline friends, and filming their dramatic reactions. Fans pick Team Cat or Team Pickle, and watch content, enjoy activities and browse the toy range online via a dedicated website. The Cats vs. Pickles YouTube channel has over 21k subscribers, and the videos rack up millions of views.

“We wanted a brand that was headline-grabbing and would attract retailers,” says Paul. “Brand engagement during lockdown has been massive, with a lot of eyes on the Cats vs. Pickles videos.”

The range has enjoyed a successful soft launch with Midco Toys in the UK, alongside a number of other independents. The range has proved so popular with UK consumers that Midco was selling 50 a day during the run up to Christmas.

“The brand is content driven in an on-trend way, design-led and highly open to being licensed out quite easily,” says Paul. “It has all the genetic indicators of becoming a massive property, and we’re really looking forward to finding out just how far it can go.”

To hear more about the launch range and product yet to come from the brand, supported by new online content, TV advertising and social media campaigns, read the full article, which appeared in the February edition of Toy World, here.

For more information on Cats vs. Pickles or Two in 1 Direct, Paul can be contacted at




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