Geomag to work with Fundamentally Children as an endorsed company

Published on: 27th July 2018

The construction toy company will participate in Good Toy Zones at major festivals over the summer. 

Geomagworld will be working with Fundamentally Children as an endorsed company, and will be participating in its summer festival programme within its Good Toy Zones. Locations will include Under 1 Roof  as well as at major family summer festivals such as Meraki and The Great British Food Festival.

The company also appeared at the 3Foot Festival, held in Chelmsford in June, which was hailed a success for all involved.

Geomag’s senior marketing consultant Nikki Jeffery commented: “It’s such a delight to watch the children interact so beautifully with the Geomag toys; the pure joy and looks of intense concentration is what it is all about and such a pleasure to see.”

Geomagworld is presenting several of its core lines within the Good Toy Zones locations, including the new classic Geomag Confetti as well as the pre-school Magicube Range.

The Geomag Classic platform lets kids create an unlimited number of structures using magnetic bars and steel spheres, with a wide range of colours and bright pieces offering kids a whole new way to play. Good Toy experts commented: “Geomags is a brilliant construction toy that not only allow children to get creative, but also teaches them about the science of magnets – an area covered in Key Stage 2.”

The innovative Magicube range is pre-school construction system made of magnetic cubes which attach to each other on every side. By using the invisible properties of magnetism, younger children will be able to let their imagination fly as they create different shapes and colour combinations, and explore 3D building.

Comments from the reviewers included: “It was interesting watching how the children decided what to build and then set about creating – there was lots of learning going on as they succeeded, failed and adapted their plans.”


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