ICTI launches new website

Published on: 26th February 2018

New ICTI Ethical Toy Programme website brings new content, features, and resources to members.

The website’s dynamic new design reflects the group’s refreshed Ethical Toy Programme branding and core purpose: delivering better lives for workers.

Available in both English and Chinese, the site is optimised to work across multiple platforms – ensuring a good user experience for companies, factories, and workers accessing the site on their tablets or mobile devices.

It’s also faster and easier to navigate, with a dedicated section for factories looking to start or renew certification, resource libraries to build factory knowledge and capability, and a new Ethical Toy Programme membership section for brands and retailers. Visitors will also find an introduction to ICTI’s worker well-being programmes, including its work in China to support migrant workers with left-behind children, and its project supporting women’s empowerment at toy factories in India – as well information on the free Helpline for factory workers.

Readers can view the new website here:

The new website is currently in its live and testing phase, and ICTI will continue to add more features and content in the coming months.

Mark Robertson,  SVP, communications & stakeholder engagement, commented: “The launch of our new website marks the final phase of our brand refresh, which sees us launching the next generation of our Ethical Toy Programme with an updated mission and strategy, a new membership model and a brand-new look and feel to deliver these exciting changes. We are very excited about these developments, and we look forward to working with you in 2018 and beyond. We hope you enjoy our new website and ask you to please share it with your colleagues and contacts via social media.”


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