Kinetic Sand features at Cwmbran Centre’s summer event

Published on: 30th August 2019

The last day of Cwmbran Centre’s summer event featuring Spin Master’s Kinetic Sand is on Saturday 31st August. 

Spin Master has joined forces with Cwmbran Centre and The Entertainer for the last day of Cwmbran Centre’s ‘The Beach’ summer event on Saturday 31st August.

Based in Gwent Square, the large beach area will be playing host to Kinetic Sand where kids can join in the Big Dig to find gold. Gold stickers will be appearing on 50 of the 200 buried Kinetic Sand pots, which kids are invited to find.  The lucky finders who discover a gold stickered pot can take them into The Entertainer Store where they will also be presented with a Kinetic Sand Sandbox Set.

The Big Dig event is the culmination of a summer of experiential activities for Kinetic Sand although there is still more to come as the fun activity will also appear in a number of Smyths new store openings and birthday parties before the end of the year.

Speaking about the events, Ella Newman, Kinetic Sand senior brand manager at Spin Master UK said: “We’ve had huge amounts of fun taking Kinetic Sand out and about and getting it into kids hands this summer. It never fails to offer a tactile and mesmerising experience and people both young and old simply can’t resist getting their hands stuck in!”

The popularity of Kinetic Sand continues to grow as it becomes a social media phenomenon. Spin Master has embraced the popularity of sand videos that are appearing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as people take to making videos of their sand sculptures. Kinectic Sand has received 32 billion views on YouTube. In response, Spin Master has recently launched its own Kinetic Sandisfying Set complete with moulds and tools to help create sand experiments to film and share.

Ella Newman added: “With the latest craze ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) sweeping the internet, Kinetic Sand has gained further popularity as the experience of playing with or watching videos of the compound helps to reduce stress levels and relax, lending itself perfectly to “ASMRtistry” as it is becoming known.”



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