Kosmos Games announces Cities Skyline – The Board Game

Published on: 14th June 2019

Based on the hit video game, Cities Skyline sees players attempt to develop a thriving metropolis while heading off common city problems. 

Kosmos, alongside Paradox Interactive, has announced Cities Skylines – The Board Game. Based on the hit video game, players can experience Cities: Skylines cooperatively as a team of tabletop urban developers, or take on the role of Mayor yourself, as players develop a thriving metropolis.

Players of the original will immediately be familiar with the delicate balance it takes to expand their city while keeping the needs of its citizens in check; focus too much on expanding one particular area and players will quickly run into pollution, traffic, crime and other rising problems.

Stephen Lyssejko, boardgame marketing manager at Kosmos Games UK, was invited to a behind-closed-doors demo at UKGE with the designer, Rustan Håkansson. As a fan of the video game, the excitement of seeing the mechanics of the digital version being translated over to the board game was clear.

“After seeing the setup, I found myself in familiar territory right away,” he said. “The tracks for managing pollution, crime, traffic, of course, and all the rest were there. After deciding which of the zones we wanted to start on and starting off with our first small residential zone, our group set to work planning how we could expand our city to greatest effect.”

He added: “When the option to build a monument became available to me, I thought I had spotted an excellent spot to build it. However, when the team looked at our available funds and other options in our hands of cards, it was clear that holding off would help our score much more if we setup the surrounding neighbourhoods more. Players are free to choose when to advance to the next Milestone and expand into more territories, but you have to be sure this will leave you in a state where you won’t bankrupt yourself.”

Cities Skylines – The Board Game will be released in October and will have an RRP of £34.99.


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