Mark Maggs attempts Guinness World Record for largest collection of Top Trumps

Published on: 25th September 2019

Mark approached Winning Moves with a collection of 300 Top Trumps and should know if he is the Guinness World Record holder by the end of this year. 

Winning Moves, home of the card game Top Trumps, has announced that fan of the card game Mark Maggs, is attempting the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Top Trumps.

Top Trumps contains statistics, biographies and many facts covering a huge range subjects such as volcanoes, dinosaurs, wonders of the world and animals, as well as popular licensed brands including Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and Harry Potter. The game has been around for 35 years and was bought back to life by Winning Moves in 1999.

As an ideal pocket money collectible, Mark Maggs has taken on the challenge of obtaining the largest collection of Top Trumps to earn a spot in the Guinness World Record book. Mark approached Winning Moves with 300 packs of Top Trumps to be listed and verified before sending off his application. For each pack, both Mark and Winning Moves had to sign a form to verify that the pack he had bought into the office matched the pack shot and bar code that he had listed in the document which identifies all of the 300 packs he had sent to GWR, in order to verify the record. He had pre-packed all of the 300 packs into containers in date order, and split in to years, starting with launch dates of 2001, leading up to 2019.

Mark commented: “The biggest challenge was finding somewhere to attempt the record and to find an expert in the field of top trumps to be a witness! I was delighted when I heard back from Winning Moves, and they agreed to help and let me use their offices for my attempt. It took a couple of hours for the attempt, including setting up the video camera and unpacking all the packs, as well as packing them all up again afterwards. At the time of my attempt I had 300 packs, ranging from Sports Cars, Barbie to The Mary Rose, although now it is closer to 400 packs and still growing, so I might have to reattempt the record again next year. I should hopefully hear back and be the World Record holder by the end of the year.”


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