Neo Magic partners with The Fantastic Factory

Published on: 16th August 2021

The partnership will see Neo Magic and The Fantastic Factory develop a range of new products that Vinny Sagoo says will deliver a ‘multifaceted experience’.

Vinny Sagoo

Neo Magic has teamed up with The Fantastic Factory to create a new range of magic products ready for autumn/winter 2022.

Vinny Sagoo of Neo Magic told Toy World: “I spent my working life as a fraud lawyer, before a car accident in 2017 made me switch lanes. I absolutely love toys and games, but my passion has always been creating magic tricks. In the last decade, I have invented over 300 magic tricks and successfully marketed them to magicians all over the world. I have showcased my latest and greatest at the biggest magic conventions, along with some of them appearing on national TV. Over the years, I became frustrated that traditional toy magic sets were merely ‘old wine in new bottles’, and if you change nothing, nothing changes. I decided to make that change.”

He continued: “Meeting David from The Fantastic Factory allowed me to bring my ideas to market in a really great, collaborative way. We are going to create a range of products that focus on quality and deliver a great multifaceted experience to the end consumer. For me, it’s about connecting with the consumer via my ‘EVA’ approach. If you want to hit them Emotionally, you need to connect with their Visual and Audio senses first. Our products will deliver something very new in magic.”

The Fantastic Factory is well known in the industry for creating award winning games and thinking outside the box.

David Snow, co-founder of The Fantastic Factory, said: “We are always looking for new opportunities to explore within toys and games. We are big fans of magic, so after lots of research we decided to venture into this area with some new ideas, which led us to meeting the amazing Vinny of Neo Magic. We believe magic can be delivered in a way that is exciting from its packaging all the way through to the tricks/puzzles/illusions themselves. They will be supported with a full suite of print and digital ‘how to wow’ guides that will amaze the end consumer. We firmly believe this approach will make magic more accessible and achievable for all.”


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