WowWee launches My Avastars next gen fashion dolls

Published on: 23rd June 2022

WowWee has partnered with Gamefam on My Avastars, with the initial launch of three dolls based on the new Roblox role-playing game.

WowWee has entered the fashion doll category with its new toy line, My Avastars, which enables seamless interactive play in both the physical and digital worlds.

Inspired by kids’ use of avatars to explore, create and express themselves in the metaverse, WowWee partnered with Gamefam, a top publisher on Roblox, in the creation of My Avastars.

“Half of Roblox users identify as girls, yet when you look at how the toy industry intersects with gaming, its product offerings are focused primarily on action figures and blasters. Catering to other categories and customers is a huge white space and something we’re very passionate about,” said Sydney Wiseman, VP of Brand Development & Creative Strategy at WowWee.

“As a gamer myself, I love customizing my avatar before every session. This digital customization play pattern is so in line with traditional doll role-play yet I wasn’t seeing this type of integrative play being offered in the doll space. With My Avastars, kids now have the opportunity to turn their digital avatar into a real life fashion star with a variety of looks and accessories for endless customization, creativity and self-expression, both online and in real life.”

My Avastars will launch with three dolls: KawaiiPie^^, A_VibeThng and Dreamer_3.0. Each doll comes dressed in their signature fashion-forward outfit along with a mystery bonus outfit and reusable sticker sheets for more than 100 possible looks in each box.

“One of the things that’s unique about My Avastars is the aesthetic of the doll itself,” said Andrew Yanofsky, VP of Marketing and Operations at WowWee. “Traditionally, fashion dolls are moulded to ‘perfection.’ In comparison, the blockish shape of My Avastars, the flat surfaces, the peel and repeat sticker play, are all designed to provoke kids’ creativity by allowing them to change and rearrange their dolls as they do their avatars.”

Each My Avastars doll comes with its own individual code to be redeemed on the Roblox platform within the new game entitled My Avastars: RP. The role-playing game, launching this July, enables kids to bring their dolls to life online, unlocking new fashions, hairstyles, and even facial features.

My Avastars is the first community-centric fashion doll property. WowWee and Gamefam are launching a Discord server to enable a two-way conversation between fans and the brand. Fans will have an integral voice in the evolution of My Avastars, both in the expansion of the game play and the physical toy line.

“As the Roblox universe continues to grow, we’re focused on creating the next generation of hit franchises born from the metaverse,” said Joe Ferencz, founder and CEO of Gamefam. “My Avastars marks the first time a toy and Roblox game have been developed concurrently, reaching players with an engaging experience both in the real world and in the metaverse.”

My Avastars are available for pre-order, with a limited number being shipped this summer before officially hitting shelves at major retailers in October.

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